We encourage visitors to Oaxaca to make use of the following information to get the most out of their stay in the Valles Centrales.

More Trails

If you are a real hiking enthusiast and are looking for additional trails to explore during your sojourn in Oaxaca, we recommend you check out our sister web site for mountain bikers:  There you will find dozens of additional trails, many of which are every bit as much fun on foot as on a mountain bike. Fact is, many of the trails in the hiking program were first explored aboard a bike.

General Information

The Oaxaca Lending Library  –

Oaxaca Events Calendar –

Oaxaca Times –

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator –

Oaxaca on Wikipedia –,_Oaxaca

History of Oaxaca –

Culinary tours of Oaxaca –

Oaxaca chocolate tours –  

Expats living in Mexico –

Outdoor Activities


Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, overnight cabins, guides & transportation in the Pueblos Mancomunados:  Expediciones Sierra Norte /         M. Bravo 210 in el centro  /  951-514-8271  /

Personal guided hiking tours around the Oaxaca valley: Eric Ramirez is knowledgable, experienced and speaks fluent English:

Mountain Biking:

        Guide to biking in and around Oaxaca’s central valley:

Bike Shops  &  Tours

–  Bicicletas Pedro Martinez:                                  guided bike tours around the city & state of Oaxaca  /                                                     rental bikes available                                                                                                               Aldama 418 (interior courtyard) in el centro  /  951-514-5935

– Summit Cyclery:                                                                        new bike store in Col. Reforma / bike sales / repair shop / no rentals                         Calzada Porfirio Diaz 230  /  951-132-5897

–  Zona Bici:                                                                                     excellent bike store with locations in el centro and Reforma                                       Armento & Lopez 419 in el centro  /  951-5140-329                                                          sales & repairs / no rentals                                                                                       Emiliano Zapata 228 (at corner of Sabinos) in Col. Reforma                                        sales & repairs / no rentals

– Eric Ramirez:                                                                                      personal guided tours in the Oaxaca valley and mountains nearby

– All About Oaxaca Tours:

– Expeditions Sierra Norte:                                                       guided hike & bike tours in the Pueblos Mancomunados                                               office located at M. Bravo 210 in el centro  /  951-514-8271

– Oaxaca’s Tourist Guide:

Tour Guides

– Nicolas Garcia:   /   951-180-4762 cell

– Eric Ramirez:  /  951-257-7712 cell

– Eduardo & Omar Lescas:   /   951-515-5400 cell

– Tomas Ramirez:   /   951-507-2383 cell

Outdoor Equipment                                                                                                                La Gran Montaña    Hildago 1111 (near Melchor Ocampo)                                          good source for hiking poles, camping gear, etc. 

Where to Stay

– Bed & Breakfast at The Oaxaca Learning Center:  /   951-515-0122

Medical Matters

Ambulance –  Cruz Roja (Red Cross)    951-516-4455

Chiropractor  –  Ruth Margolis   /

Dental  –                                                                                                                                                      Implants & surgery:  Dr. Angel Gomez       Bustamante 312-A  /  951-124-1005 cell          General dentistry:  Dr. Daniel Tenorio      Abasolo 213-3  /  951-128-2868 cell

General Medical Practice  –  Dr. Alberto Zamacona       Libres 604-B  /  951-130-8730

Physical Therapy – Dr. Bricia Cruz      Miguel Cabrera 643     /      951-131-9353                  

Podiatrist – Fernando Gómez Guzmán      Naranjos 506-A  /  951-244-1078 cell

Legal Matters

Lawyer  –  German Osorio        951-440-0375 cell



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