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To Make A Reservation For A Hike

Reservations are required for all hikes and weekend trips, as we must make appropriate arrangements for transportation. Reservations for day hikes are accepted until midnight three days before any given hike; those for weekend trips should be made a minimum of one week ahead.

Reservations may be made online at the Lending Library’s “Online Store”, which can be accessed at https://www.oaxlibrary.org/online-store. Follow the directions posted there.

Reservations may also be made in person at the circulation desk at the Oaxaca Lending Library, conveniently located at Pino Suarez 519 just a half block south of Llano Park.

All reservations must be paid for at the time they are registered. Refunds can be requested for cancellations made a minimum of 48 hours before the day hike date or one week before a weekend overnight outing.

Since many of our hikes are sold out, please let us know if your plans change and you will not be able to take part in a hike you have reserved so someone else can take your place. 


2 Responses to Hike Sign-Up

  1. cicely winter says:

    I am a permanent Oaxaca resident and have a full time job, so I can´t participate in all your hikes but hope to join you at some point. Also I can´t commit too far in advance. Great project though. By the way, it´s San Bartolomé Quialana.

    • Larry says:

      Hola, Cicely!
      Nice to hear from you! I do hope you will be able to join in the fun on some of our hikes this season. The automatic reservation system is set up to accept reservations thru the Tuesday prior to any given hike. If you are not able to commit by then, please send me an e-mail at ginznoaxaca@aol.com to see if we have space available in the van(s) or bus(es) for that week’s outing. I check for e-mail every morning and evening.
      Until I saw your comment, I was not aware I could use accent marks in WordPress. Now I know! So Bartolomé it is! As to the last name, local maps differ as to the spelling. Just as Huayapam and Cuilapam are variously spelled with a final “m” or “n”, Quiliana is often shown with a “p”. All very curious to a gringo like me.
      – Larry G. Hike Coordinator

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